Meryle Kenny Celebrant


Weddings + Civil Unions

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.

Helen Adams Keller

There are some basic legal requirements that must be observed in a marriage/civil union service. These are non-negotiable for the celebration to be legal and take just a few moments. Other than this “anything goes”.

The expression of your love for each other is as unique as a fingerprint and as ageless as time. It is my job as a celebrant to take care of the legalities. You are free to celebrate your marriage in your own special way. I cherish the opportunity to begin that journey with you, to help make this most important day the best it can possibly be.

Naming Ceremonies

Shakespeare wrote:

“What’s in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.

Yet a name is the first gift a child receives on the journey for individuality.

In the many cultures and religions of the world the rite of name giving is an integral part of that faith or culture often committing that child to that faith, for their lifetime.

The birth of a new generation into a family or Whanau is a cause for joy and celebration. I would be delighted to assist with this secular celebration of your baby’s entry into this world.

Renewal of Vows

There are many reasons why a couple may wish to renew their vows. An anniversary or a family reunion when distant loved ones were unable to be present at the wedding.

Often after a life-changing or life-threatening event – there is a need to hold onto something tangible and secure.

My own reason was to reassure our married children how precious marriage is and the joyous fulfilment for an ongoing commitment to that union.

There are no legal requirements in vows renewal, just a personal recommitment to each other.

Funerals ~ Celebration of life

The loss of a loved one is always overwhelming.

Each one of us grieves differently, each one of us has a unique memory, the experiences shared sacred. We all need to come to terms with those memories and celebrate the greater good of a person’s existence. A service where family share their reminiscences with pride sadness and laughter is so much more meaningful.

I am happy to give guidance on a family directed service or to manage the whole service if this seems beyond you at the time but will share your family’s words, your family’s memories.

A Little About Me

As a dedicated Marriage and Civil Union Celebrant I am honoured to be part of the journey of commitment that two people make when they formalise the love they have for each other.

I have participated in the very special celebration of life at loved one’s end for some 16 years. This too is an honour and a privilege.

A fifth generation Kiwi of Scottish descent I have been married for 50 plus years to the love of my life.

My Grandchildren are now young adults setting out on their own life journeys. I was lucky enough to be present when each of them entered the world.

My career path has been varied, Public health, Mental health, tourism marketing, tour guiding and more recently volunteer work with International Triathlon, World Master’s Games, Dove and Mercy Hospices.

An incurable romantic I believe there is at least one soulmate for each of us.

I would be delighted to help design the service perfect for your so very special occasion.

More Services

Wedding Gowns

Retro, Pre-loved and new designer (ex-bridal boutique stock) wedding dresses at a fraction of the usual cost. Twice blessed. By purchasing you are contributing to the wonderful cause that is Mercy Hospice.

A selection of these dresses can be found at the Ellerslie Mercy Hospice Shop in Ladies Mile Ellerslie.

Contact: Emily – Ellerslie Mercy Hospice  09 579 1208

Model – Lucy Kenny – Portfolio Model Agency

Scottish Highland Piper

Add “Amazing Grace” or a touch of your Scottish heritage to your big day or a loved one’s farewell celebration of life.

Be piped out of your wedding as opposed to the peal of church bells. A lone piper in full Scottish kit puts a poignant touch of heritage to your celebration’

Contact: Carrie + Anton [email protected]

Butterfly Release

A wonderful symbol at weddings and a beautiful way to help grieving children be part of a loved one’s funeral service. The symbolism of setting free such a beautiful creature helps in tragic circumstances it also adds significantly to the celebration of a life well lived.

A butterfly release is seasonal and mostly possible in Summer through to Autumn.

Contact details: Jacqui Knight, Monarch Butterfly NZ Trust Email:  [email protected]

State of Grace – Funeral Services

State of Grace is run by women who are passionate about enabling families to be involved as much as they can be in the care and funeral arrangements of their loved one at the time of death. They believe in the principles of sustainability and that the processes should be as natural as possible. They offer all funeral services along with information and advice on caring for people after death and planning an appropriate and meaningful farewell.

They have 3 branches
North and West 0800 764622
East 0800 754327

State of Grace East 437 Ellerslie-Panmure Highway, Mt Wellington

State of Grace East funeral directors – Janet Mikkelsen, Rachel Nash and Robyn Watson

Email Me